Spadina Pool @ Mainstore and MP

This modern oasis is complete with soft curvature and modern strip lighting that sets the perfect ambiance for relaxation.

Get ready with your friends to make a splash because this pool is just in time for the warmer months ahead - featuring 6 sitters!

Zena Building @ Mainstore and MP

We're thrilled to present our first building launch in what feels like an eternity.

Marvel in the modern architecture, arched windows, light concrete aesthetic, and feature lighting. Perfect as a commercial prefab!

Visit demo inworld, shop at mainstore or marketplace.

Phoenix Theater Collection @ Mainstore and MP

Explore our newest collaborative release with CROWDED HOMES - recently updated with high quality animations!

We've meticulously and thoughtfully added tons of high quality cuddles, friendship poses, as well as physics cock and v-bento compatible adult poses, with high quality bento face animations!

Visit the mainstore for demo and to purchase the skybox and furniture set!


Join Laviara group

Join our group and shop in our in-world store and get 10% off on every purchase as a refund. We also have several group gifts with more coming soon.

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